Wings ‘Wabi Sabi Hoodie’ Type 3 (W: 25in L: 28in) XL

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Wings ‘Wabi Sabi Hoodie’ Type 3 (W: 25in L: 28in) XL

As part of our Americana Collection, we are happy to introduce our Wings ‘Wabi Sabi Hoodie’. Available in 3 different options, all made from authentic vintage hoodies.

Striving to stay true to our mission of sustainable fashion, our canvas starts with hand selected vintage hoodies. Each hoodie is adorned with hand sewn patches (using vintage materials) , hand printed designs, custom hardware, custom care tags, and are entirely reconstructed.

In hand, finished and ready to ship. All done by hand in Nevada. Each hoodie is unique and 1 of 1, never to be reproduced again. No returns or exchanges so please check your size before ordering.

• Boro Patchwork Throughout
• Sashiko Stitching

- When you eventually do wash your hoodie, machine wash cold; Wash and dry inside out with like colors, preferably with a liquid detergent.

SIZE : Width: 25in Length: 28in

Shows normal signs of wear including discoloration and fading.
Please note that all items are measured by hand, please allow some slight variance in measurements.